Jujutsu Kaisen Becoming Sakuna Loungefly Mini Backpack

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Sakuna Sharp
The King of Curses rears his ugly head. Well, technically, a Sakuna-possessed Yuji Itadori is the one doing the rearing. The poor guy has to live with an evil cannibalistic wizard, all while trying to keep Japan safe. He even does all this, knowing that he might one day be executed by one of his friends. Wow, Jujutsu Kaisen is dark anime that deals with dark themes. Knowing this, we think this Jujutsu Kaisen Becoming Sakuna Loungefly Mini Backpack perfectly represents the series.

The dark Loungefly bag differs from many anime backpacks in depicting graphics directly from the show’s first episode. Yuji Itadori had just consumed a Sukuna finger and was undergoing what looked like quite a painful transformation. Luckily, our boy Yuji could resist the former King’s control for now…

If you are looking for mini backpacks and are a fan of the King of Curses, check out this Jujutsu Kaisen Becoming Sakuna Loungefly Mini Backpack.

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